Friday, 24 May 2013

Is there no time or space??

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Written by Mathew Naismith

Relative to time & space
Consciousness relevance with time & space: It’s very hard for us humans to fathom that time & space doesn’t exist including infinity & eternity because we evaluate, breakdown & label every concept we come across into logical understandable form to our conscious understanding & even spiritual awareness which is dictated to us by the reality we live in at the time, this is why this type of thinking is flawed because each reality has its own consciousness which we are influenced by. In other words each reality has its own conscious awareness which formulates our logical & even spiritual understanding; most people can’t or shouldn’t think past this reality based understanding.

Living on this planet we experience night & day because the way the Earth rotates around the sun, if we lived on a larger planet rotating around the sun at the same velocity our days would be longer according to the size of the planet or the opposite if the planet was smaller, this is what dictates our time which is measured by sun rotations. What if we just floated in out of space just like our planets in our solar system or galaxy & even universe which all rotate around a centre point, there is no night or day as some part of the planet is in the light therefor time as we know it on Earth doesn’t really exist because we measure time by rotations around a sun.

It’s the way we measure time that gives us time, at the moment we measure time by rotations around our sun which give us 24 hr time but we also measure time by distance or even through change itself so time is measured by different concepts of our conscious understanding but when you add in that everything is pure consciousness things change. So in all what measurement of time is correct for all realities?

TIMESSPACEPure Consciousness v analysis: We really only have a conscious understanding of what we know which is dictated by our conscious reality, in different realities they might have quite a different understanding of things like time & space & measure them quite differently if they are there to measure. I think the higher the consciousness awareness the less time & space has relevance because we become more aware that everything is of pure consciousness including time & space which has no starting point or ending point & if it has no points of origin it has no time therefore distance & if there’s no distance there is no space.

The question is how does one measure consciousness when everything is of consciousness? The only way to do this is label each conscious part, particle, matter or whatever & put them into different categories for analysis which isn’t of true spiritual conceptions. What we are doing in this reality is breaking down time & space from pure consciousness so we can recognise & measure them. Our whole consciousness is made up of time & space but what if we stopped breaking down this consciousness? It becomes one thing again because to measure anything there has to be a comparison, if it’s all just consciousness there is nothing to compare it to therefore in actual fact it can’t exist. Labelling & measuring obviously seems to gives us existence which a big part of this has to do with time & space. Full spiritual awareness gives us pure consciousness a non-existence but science & our analytical mind gives us existence, one isn’t right or wrong over the other they are just different & the reason they are different is because we have analysed things like time & space to know consciousness exists.

If you think about this if we all became fully spiritually aware or enlightened we would become this pure consciousness but how would one know if one was in that pure consciousness if all else was that very consciousness, there’s no comparisons to know one exists in this pure consciousness? Science & analysing gives us this comparison, if just one comparison existed like an ant for instance or a planet the rest of consciousness would have to know it exists through these comparisons, we in actual fact by mindful analysis give pure consciousness existence.

realmSpiritual Conception: Spiritually it has been said that we live in the now & have always done so & that this space we think we are in is so small it can’t be measured & this is why spiritualist know we are one, if there is no space time can’t exist, we then must be one thing, spiritual oneness!!

I think spiritually & scientifically we know that our own humanly evolution is to do with past cycles of conscious changes that have occurred right through human history. Conscious changes help us rekindle our relationship with consciousness so we can expand in analytical thought & knowing, if you looked back in history it’s so obvious in how we have changed so much through history. This is why we should keep a balanced understanding between spirituality & science; they both have their points towards our ever expansive consciousness without one or the other this reality would be somewhat different.

Time & space are of existence so they do exist but on the other hand it’s still all pure consciousness so they don’t, it’s a paradox really in that without time & space consciousness doesn’t know of its existence & time & space can’t exist without consciousness.

 Here is a quote that will explain it all in a nut shell, “I am the beginning and the end.”…Jesus!!

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