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Saturday, 8 November 2014

The difficulties of Existing in Time

Written by Mathew Naismith

Time is a fragmented consciousness as opposed to timelessness which is of the whole consciousness, a consciousness not fragmented but whole; at times this timeless consciousness is referred to as God’s consciousness. God’s consciousness to me is however of the whole of what consciousness is including the fragmented consciousness of time, how can a consciousness be whole when we disclaim a part of consciousness as being not of the whole consciousness?  This would have to make God’s consciousness not completely whole if we disregard any consciousness of time.

I think the purpose of time is to allow this whole consciousness to experience and express all parts of itself including the ego, to do this it needs to fragment this whole consciousness into parts so that each part can interact with each other creating various experiences and expressions.  This is able to happen through time. The whole consciousness, God’s consciousness, is then able to be expressive of all it is in every way possible, this however gives this fragmented consciousness within time a dilemma, it can become that separated and ignorant of it’s true nature that all it expresses is destruction.  If a consciousness can only express destruction, this whole consciousness isn’t being experienced because constructiveness is also a part of this whole consciousness. You could say expressing consciousness only in a destructive way is also of expressing and experiencing of this whole consciousness!!

In a way this is true, the Earth is always reforming and to do this it needs to destroy something first to reform it, the point is what is the Earth doing when the Earth reforms itself?  It’s being constructive while it’s reforming but a totally ignorant consciousness within time only destroys for the main reason there is no balance between a constructive consciousness’ and a destructive consciousness. Is this whole consciousness only destructive? This is the point it’s not and neither are we supposed to be especially within our entirety.  

When a consciousness becomes just destructive somewhere within this whole consciousness, there is also a consciousness to balance out such a destructive consciousness. You could say that the human species isn’t altogether destructive; it’s always reforming when it destroys something, sky scrapers and roads are a good example of this reforming. The problem with this kind of reforming is it’s destroying the Earth which will make Earth quite uninhabitable one day, in other words it’s plainly destructive.  This is due to man’s consciousness becoming ignorant to it’s whole conscious self within timelessness and the more ignorant it becomes the more destructive it will become.  So what is balancing this out? People becoming aware, less ignorant of their whole consciousness thus balancing out these destructive consciousness’s.   In time there is always a reaction to an action so if one consciousness is going to be destructive there is also a reaction to this with other consciousness’s becoming more constructive through awareness.  While certain other fragmented consciousness’s become destructive through their ignorance, other consciousness’s become constructive through their awareness, it’s an automatic reaction in time which you only get to experience and express within time.

This however doesn’t mean we are going to be able to save the Earth and ourselves from such destructive ways, all this means is we have a chance to save ourselves. This depends on how many consciousness’s (people) are going to become more aware instead of more ignorant to give us this balance.  

I should point out I love being expressive of all of what this whole consciousness is, to me time is the big deal not timelessness, it is also much harder to be of time than it is to be of timelessness.  In time we can be expressive of all of what this whole consciousness is in any way. That to me is a big deal.

While only aware and living in a consciousness of time, it’s hard to be of this timeless consciousness so that is why this timeless consciousness to us is the big deal not time however, while aware and living within timelessness, time is the big deal mainly because you can be expressive of all of what consciousness is.  In timelessness you can be all of what consciousness is but you can’t be expressive of all of what consciousness is for the main reason there is no fragmentation of consciousness and no ego.  The ego is a part of this whole consciousness otherwise it couldn’t exist; the ego allows us to be expressive of all of what consciousness is. There are a number of people who desire to be just of this higher self; a part of the whole consciousness again, is this not also of the desire of the ego?  

The ego has a very constructive part to play in time unless it becomes too controlling, then it becomes ignorant and destructive. To me we shouldn’t be too ignorant of the importance of time and only desire to be of the whole consciousness again; in this where not serving this whole consciousness but ourselves as separate consciousness’s.   

Friday, 7 November 2014

Realities of Time, an Illusion or Not?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I didn’t really want to touch on this subject again however, recent discussions with others on this subject has impelled me to write about this subject once again. First of all it matters not to me if it’s real or not, all I am doing is living in the present moment, if at times this reality feels real so be it and if not so be it.  

If we just consider the present moment, this reality has to be an illusion because there is only the present moment; there is no time in the present moment because it’s only about the present with no past or future.   The other thing to consider however  is, no matter what we are experiencing or expressing it’s still of this timeless consciousness, it might be only parts of this consciousness that we are expressing at any moment in time but it’s still a part of this consciousness, this means this reality can’t be a true illusion. To be a true illusion this illusion would have to be no part of us, it would have to be something we have no connectedness too, this is not the case within time because everything of time is a part of us because it’s still a part of this timeless consciousness.

This timeless consciousness represents a whole consciousness, it is not fragmented or separated in any way to itself, it’s whole. Time on the other hand, our present reality, is of a fragmented consciousness, it’s certainly not whole, this means we cannot express consciousness in a whole way, we can only express this timeless whole consciousness in parts within time. The question is, does this make this reality or any reality of time an illusion?  It certainly does to a certain extent, it is never who we are as a whole, a whole consciousness however it’s still in parts of this timeless whole consciousness therefore realties of time can never be a true illusion. If I cut off my hand from my whole self is that hand no longer my hand, it’s an illusion because it’s no longer a part of me. If I reconnected the hand to my arm again, does this make the hand no longer an illusion because it’s again a physical part of me? The point is the hand is always a part of you; it’s never not a part of you so it can never be an illusion even after once severed from your whole body!!  

So when you separate one part of a whole consciousness, does this make this part of a whole consciousness an illusion? Not to the whole conscious self like the hand to the whole human physical self isn’t an illusion once severed however, if the severed hand thought this is all I am that would be an illusion.  

So what are we doing when we judged realities of time an illusion, are we judging as the hand or are we judging as the whole self, the whole conscious self? We are of course only judging as the severed hand and not the whole self, this is where I think we are misperceiving when we judged time is just an illusion, we are judging from the severed hand point of view not from the whole self.   

If the hand is no longer aware of it’s whole self, it will think this is all I am when it’s not, this is the illusion. We are actually no different to the severed hand because of our disconnectedness to the whole consciousness of timelessness.  The illusion again is thinking this is all I am. Now let’s look at this through the eyes of the whole self, just because parts of my whole self is being expressed in time this doesn’t mean it’s no longer a part of me therefore an illusion.  

We are obviously still looking at our whole self through the eyes of the severed hand otherwise we wouldn’t and couldn’t judge time as being just an illusion.

I had a recent vision of my whole conscious self within timelessness looking through a window observing my fragmented self in time, there is nothing unusual about this however, my fragmented conscious self within time was also observing my whole self within it’s timeless conscious state. For me this was an unusual vision.

Even though I was being the observer from both time and timeless states of consciousness, there was no separation except for the glass window. The glass window represented the separation of consciousness’s of time and timelessness that was all; they were still connected especially through the observation of each other.  Neither one nor the other seemed like an illusion to me.

We are trying to look through the window through this fragmented consciousness of time and observing our whole self thus judged time as being just of an illusion like the severed hand. What we haven’t learnt to do yet , at the same present moment, is observe ourselves from this non-fragmented consciousness of timelessness, in other words we are only looking at ourselves through one side of the window when there are two sides of the window to look and observe ourselves through. If this whole consciousness only existed within timelessness, we wouldn’t have a window but to me this window obviously does exist between this timeless state of consciousness and this consciousness of time.  The window doesn’t stop us from connecting or observing because through observing we connect.  We were never really disconnected but only through our non-observation of consciousness within time and timelessness because no matter what consciousness becomes it’s still consciousness. 

Appendage: It would seem I need to express this differently, I will use the expression higher and lower self instead of consciousness of timelessness and time. The higher self is represented by the whole body and the lower self is represented by the severed hand, the severed hand being of ignorance to it’s higher self until it becomes aware of the higher self.   

Higher self = the whole body + awareness + timeless consciousness
Lower self = the severed hand + ignorance + consciousness of time

The lower self is the hand which has been severed from the main whole body, this is represented by the human species consciousness which is usually ignorant to it’s higher self. When we only perceive through the hand, the lower self, the lower self thinks this is all I am, this is my whole self  until it becomes aware of it’s higher self, this is where the perception of the illusion comes into it. At this stage we are only looking at the higher self through the lower self’s awareness, the severed hand.  

Now let’s look at this through the perspective of the higher self. The higher self is aware of our lower consciousness self which is represented by the severed hand, is this lower consciousness, like the severed hand, no longer a part of this whole consciousness because it’s fragmented or separated from the higher conscious self?  As the severed hand is to us, the lower consciousness is still a part of this higher consciousness, at the higher consciousness level the higher consciousness doesn’t perceive the lower consciousness as being an illusion but the lower consciousness does once it becomes aware of it’s higher self.  In my mind we really should be aware of this.

The present moment is in relation to timelessness, a consciousness of timelessness, how do we relate the present moment in a consciousness of time?  The concept of the present moment doesn’t work in time because time is about a past and future and not just about the present moment.  All of a sudden we have become aware of our higher self and realised that there is indeed a consciousness of just the present moment without a past or future, this is the consciousness of timelessness, our higher selves.  At this stage we are still just perceiving through our lower consciousness thus we have perceived that this higher self is our true selves which brings us to the conclusion that the lower self must be just an illusion. 

Now the concept of the present moment doesn’t work in time so what we have done is judge that time must be an illusion for it to work, this concept is totally disregarding that all consciousness is connected and is one of the same no matter how fragmented the consciousness is especially in time, it’s still consciousness no matter how fragmented it becomes.  Now the higher self knows that the present moment only works in a consciousness of timelessness, our higher state of consciousness, it doesn’t judged one part of consciousness as being an illusion because it’s fragmented through time.  The lower also self needs to believe it’s an illusion because it’s of this higher self, this to me sounds slightly ego controlled.  The higher self on the other hand accepts it too is of a lower consciousness; it doesn’t have to egoistically believe that a more ignorant consciousness is an illusion. 

We have now become aware of our higher selves, what I believe we need to do now is perceive through this higher self as well as the lower conscious self without judging the lower or higher self as being of a lesser value than the other, the higher self doesn’t judge this way at all, this is why I don’t like explaining myself by using higher and lower explanations.  There is no true higher or lower consciousness; one consciousness is just of time and the other of timelessness.   

Monday, 3 November 2014

What is an Illusion?

Written by Mathew Naismith

First one has to look at how one has defined of what is an illusion and what’s not. Believe it or not I have just defined how we define an illusion, defining what is an illusion or not has everything to do with comparing one to another.  Take conscious state of awareness of time and timelessness for example, how do we know when we are in a timeless state of consciousness if we didn’t have another state of consciousness to compare it with? How do we know when we are asleep? We compare this state of consciousness or unconsciousness to another state of consciousness, in this case it’s an awaken state to an unawakened state. Within this comparison we become aware of when we are asleep or not.

Now to define any state of conscious awareness we need a comparison like from a sleeping state to an awoken state of consciousness, in our awakened state we see everything being of our dreams as being unreal, an illusion, do we while in this sleeping state define everything within our dreams as being an illusion? No, we are however more likely to define everything within our awoken state as being an illusion while asleep. Now this depends on how aware one is within any conscious state if we are going to compare and label anything not of our present state of consciousness as being of an illusion or not.  

For anyone who is only aware of time, time is going to be and feel real to them, timelessness is the illusion, would this not also be the case for anyone only aware of a timeless state of conscious awareness?  To me it’s obvious, of course it would.  What if I was also aware of time while in a timeless state of consciousness, in other words being aware of time within a timeless state, would time then be defined as being an illusion?  

Let’s ask a similar question using a different scenario, when I become aware of an awoken state while I’m asleep, do I then define my awoken state as being an illusion? As soon as I become aware of my awoken state in my dreams, I for some reason don’t define this awoken state of consciousness as being an illusion but on the other hand when awake, I define my dreams as being unreal, an illusion.

While only accepting a particular state of consciousness, all other consciousness’s are going to seem unreal, an illusion, this is because I have compared one conscious state to another to define what is real and what isn’t while only aware and accepting of one conscious state. I have defined this while only being aware and accepting of one consciousness, what if I was aware of another consciousness like while asleep I’m aware of my usual awoken state of consciousness?  While in a timeless state of consciousness, most of us are totally unaware of time, now let’s compare this to how many of us are aware of our awoken state when asleep?  The only time we can be aware of our awoken state while asleep is when we are lucid dreaming or having some kind of OBE, how many of us are aware of our lucid dreams, how many of us are aware of our dreams period?

Now relate this scenario to when we are in a totally timeless consciousness, how many of us are aware of any other kind of consciousness like time for instance? When we become aware of any other consciousness, these consciousness’s are obviously going to seem like an illusion through comparing one to the other because we are not accepting of any other consciousness but why?  

Being only aware and accepting of my dreaming state is like being only aware and accepting of my timeless state of consciousness, each state is a different state of consciousness but it’s still consciousness.

But we become awareness itself within this timeless state of consciousness, what else is there but awareness itself? First of all how do we define when we become awareness itself, what have we compared this state of awareness with?  To a lesser state of awareness like in time, so if time is so unaware to this feeling of being awareness itself, even though it’s not aware of the consciousness of time, it’s got to be an illusion. This is saying anything of a lesser awareness is an illusion, so anything of a lesser illusion to this feeling of being awareness itself is an illusion!!    

So to define what isn’t or is an illusion has to do with how consciously aware a certain consciousness is. This would mean an ant or a snake to me is an illusion, so if I came across a deadly snake on my path, I can just step over it or on it because it’s an illusion as it’s less aware than I.  I have now defined what is an illusion by comparing that I am more aware therefore less of an illusion than an ant or a snake!!   

This of course doesn’t work for the main reason it doesn’t matter what consciousness we are talking about it’s still consciousness. I really can’t believe we are still comparing one consciousness with another and defining what is or isn’t an illusion. The question is, are a lot of us aware of time within a timeless state of conscious awareness like are a lot of us aware of lucid dreaming while asleep?  We all lucid dream and experience OBE’s but how many of us are aware of this and because we are unaware of this, does this make lucid dreaming and OBE’s an illusion? To a lot of people unaware of this, yes. To me this is no different to when we are in this timeless state.

To me we need to move forward from this old consciousness of thinking everything else not of this feeling of awareness itself is an illusion, it has served it’s purpose of making us aware of a more aware consciousness, I think we need to move on from this. It’s funny though, we deem everything else not of this feeling of being consciousness itself as an illusion, the funny thing is, we needed these lesser aware consciousness’s to become aware in the first place of awareness itself but only through comparing one consciousness with another.  Who is truly more aware, the teacher or the student?  In this case the teacher being the lesser aware teaching the student about itself, the teacher and the student are but one, one consciousness no matter how unaware or aware the other seems.     

Friday, 31 October 2014

The Consciousness of Time and Timelessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sorry everyone, it would seem I haven’t explained myself very well in regards to my last post titled, Time, the Mother of all Creation, so I will attempt to elaborate a little more about what I am referring too in relation to time.

Time = man’s motional awareness, a consciousness of time

Timelessness = pure motionless awareness, a consciousness of timelessness 

I’m not talking about a man made time but a consciousness, a consciousness that changes the stillness of the consciousness of timelessness through various motions. Time, which is also a consciousness, allows this still consciousness of timelessness to react and interact with itself which is what gives us creations of one kind or another. The universe is a good example of this interaction and movement of this still pure consciousness within time, in other words the push and pull effect of time created the universe and everything else within this universe.

To me man has misinterpreted what time is and is about, it’s not about a measurement but a consciousness that creates forms from this timeless still consciousness.  The question is, is this still pure consciousness of timelessness who we truly are? I would be a fool to say no because to me it is however does this make everything of time an illusion? I would be a fool to say yes for the main reason, everything we are aware of and experiencing is a part of us, this means time is also a part of us therefor it exists.  No matter what consciousness it is, I believe no consciousness can experience what it’s not a part of, it just couldn’t be aware of something it’s not a part of.  

In timelessness there is no time, everything is motionless. In this state of consciousness we are not aware of time so in this state time is an illusion because it clearly doesn’t exist.  To many people in time timeliness is the illusion, the point is, which illusion is the true illusion? For most of us while in timelessness we are ignorant to time and for most of us again while in time we are ignorant to timeliness.  Just because we are unaware or ignorant to either a consciousness of time or timelessness, does this make time or timelessness an illusion?  

I was in a timeless state, while I was in this timeless state I became aware of time, this isn’t an easy thing to do and I suppose to a lot of people who believe time is an illusion would want to believe I was having a delusional episode, which is of course what the ego wants to believe.  

How hard is it for people in time, who are unaware of timelessness, to believe there is a timeless conscious state of existence?  I would have to say at least half the people I converse with at any given time, now how many people, while having experienced a timeless state of consciousness, believe that time doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion?  The illusion is actually of the illusion itself; it’s an illusion of an illusion!!

While in a timeless state of consciousness, try to become aware of time, this isn’t easy because this timeless state of consciousness hinders one from doing this. What happens while in a consciousness of time, is it easy to become aware of timelessness while in time? For some people, becoming truly aware of timelessness can take a lifetime; they might know of a timeless state of consciousness but are they truly aware of this consciousness?  It is just as hard to become aware of time again while in a timeless state of consciousness, this is because timeless consciousness hinders one to become aware of anything beyond a timeless state.  What does a consciousness of time hinder us from becoming aware of? Timeliness as timeliness hinders us from becoming aware of anything beyond this timelessness while in this timeless state!!  

It really comes down to a balance, being aware, while either in time or timelessness, that time and timelessness are not illusions, but while in time or timelessness, being aware that either conscious state can and quite often do hinder us from being aware of anything else but a consciousness of time or timelessness.  

Yes it’s very tricky and yes we can be so easily fooled, it comes down to balance, balancing out one conscious state with another and at the same time trying to not be duped that one conscious state is the be and end all over all other conscious states.  In a timeless we learn that nothing is above or below anything else so why do we believe this timeless state is the be and end all? Because that is exactly what this timeless state dupes us to feel as time dupes us to feel time is all we are!!  The thing to remember, whatever you are aware of and experiencing/expressing is of consciousness and is a part of you either it be of time or timelessness.     

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Time, the Mother of all Creation

Written by Mathew Naismith

Please, please, if you are absolute within your views that time is an illusion, please don’t take what I’m about to say personally.  I have simultaneously been in discussion with a number of people recently who believe without a doubt that time is an illusion even while they are existing in a fragmented consciousness and a consciousness of fragmented truths.  

I know if I truly knew the absolute truth I wouldn’t be able to exist in time or even perceive to exist in time, my vibrations would change that much that I would simply disappear similar to what happened to the Mayans.  When listening to others speak of absolute truths, we must try to remember they can’t possibly be speaking of absolute truths. I’m not sure how anyone in their present state of awareness can say without a doubt time is an illusion. Time to me isn’t all we are but it’s not an illusion without a doubt.  In time we can receive fragmented parts of an absolute truth but never the whole of an absolute truth. What I think we seem to be doing is trying to make this part of an absolute truth whole by surmising what the rest of an absolute truth is about, this of course distorts what absolute truth we do have making it nothing like absolute truth in the end.

Why do so many of us want to believe without a doubt that time is an illusion? When we go into a timeless state of consciousness, away from the influences of the consciousness of time, we feel whole and at peace and fully aware, we can even become awareness itself so this must be who we truly are making anything of time an illusion. The ego does not like the balance of the yin and yang, it either wants to feel good or bad.  In this state of timelessness we really do feel good especially in regards to a consciousness of chaos. Would not the ego deceive us by making us believe time has to be an illusion in this case? 

While in this timeless state, are we aware of time? No for the main reason time can’t exist within a timeless state so again time must be an illusion!!

Most of us in a consciousness of time don’t even know of the existence of a timeless state of consciousness, does this make a timeless state of consciousness an illusion?  Most definitely and adamantly for a lot of people, so while in a state of timelessness, wouldn’t this also be the case, knowing without a doubt that time is an illusion? It is quite obvious most of us would think time is an illusion in a timeless state of consciousness, so do all the people who experience a timeless state of consciousness believe without a doubt that time is an illusion?  Most definitely not like some people in a consciousness of time don’t believe timeliness is an illusion!!    

So where is our balance when we adamantly believe time or timeliness is an illusion? This again comes back to the ego not wanting a balance.  Don’t be fooled about time, time gives this pure consciousness of timelessness balance and a way to create experiences from this pure awareness. To me this pure awareness is nothing without the influential balance of time, the creator of life itself.  It basically gives this pure consciousness life as a woman gives life to a new born baby, yes we still need this pure consciousness to help give life but because this pure consciousness is of timelessness, it can’t itself create life.

Why is time seemingly of ignorance and fragmented consciousness and even chaos?  Are we not ignorant of time when in a timeless state of consciousness?  While in a consciousness of time, most of us are ignorant to a consciousness of timelessness, this is why time seems so ignorant; the funny thing is, while in timelessness, we are ignorant to time but we most often refer to this timeless state of being of awareness.  The reason for this is we do feel more aware but only aware of a consciousness of timelessness, it’s a new awareness for us so we are going to feel more aware. 

Time is of fragmented consciousness however this fragmentation of this pure consciousness allows this pure consciousness to be expressive of all it is. To be expressive is to be of the ego but even the ego is of this consciousness otherwise the ego wouldn’t and couldn’t exist like everything else of this consciousness.  If in this timelessness everything has always existed so has the ego.  

Why is time seemingly just of chaos? You could presume this is because of the fragmented consciousness but I don’t think it is, so what is causing us this chaos in time when we don’t feel chaos period in timelessness?  This comes back again to the ego not wanting balance, this doesn’t make the ego bad just that we have allowed the ego to control us instead of using the ego to be expressive of this pure consciousness  in a balanced way.  Once the ego takes control we have lost balance which gives us chaos.  What balance do a lot of us have between time and timelessness? We don’t have balance because we have allowed the ego to take control and tell us what an illusion is.

I know a number of people who believe time or timeliness is an illusion aren’t going to comprehend this, when you are in a true timeless state, all you want to do is be in time and visa-versa.  But when you are in a true timeless state there is only awareness nothing else, how could pure awareness desire to be in time again, that is impossible?  Balance, a balance between time and timelessness, yes it’s impossible if we are unbalanced but when we become balanced anything is possible. If I wasn’t balanced between these two consciousness’s I wouldn’t be aware of either time or timelessness, depending in which consciousness  I am aware in, like many people in time aren’t aware of a consciousness of timelessness.  

To me time is just as real as timelessness; they are of different consciousness’s but of consciousness all the same.  I just appreciate and acknowledge the mother of time, that is it!!

PS I should also mention, timelessness isn’t actually of absolute truths as time isn’t of absolute truths, it’s the balance between these two consciousness’s that is the absolute truth, well to me anyway.  

Supplement: The way we perceive time to be and what it is, is two different things. Time to me is a consciousness as timelessness is a consciousness. With our limited consciousness, we perceive time to be other than what it is. 

You’re not measuring anything in a true sense but defining a consciousness that creates. A non-creating consciousness is timelessness.

Time therefore to me is a consciousness that creates or a consciousness that is able to create like the universe for instance from pure consciousness.    

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What’s Above Is Also Below

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following was a reply I gave to a person who believes time is an illusion.

The funny thing is, time doesn't or can't exist within timelessness. Everything is of this timeless consciousness so how can time exist when time can't exist within timelessness? This is a good point which enforces the belief that time actually can’t exist. 

The question now is, can this timeless consciousness actually create anything including an illusion? It can’t because you need a starting and ending point of creation, each illusion and each creation has a starting and ending point, where is the starting and ending point within timelessness? We don’t have one so if an illusion exists so does time!!

What we actually have here is an illusion of an illusion if time doesn’t exist which means time really does exist because we still have an illusion; it’s a creation so we need a starting point for this creation to exist which means time also exists.  As soon as anyone mentions that time is an illusion, they are actually endorsing that time really does exist unbeknownst to them!! 

So where does this leave us with time being unable to exist or have been created by timelessness, how was time created?  This tells us that time has also always existed as timelessness has always existed.  

To me timelessness is of a non-fragmented consciousness (awareness) and time is of fragmented consciousness (ignorance), does being in ignorance make time an illusion because it’s a fragmented ignorant state of consciousness?  I don’t think so however, thinking that this ignorant state of consciousness is all we are is a sort of an illusion because this isn’t all we are, only the ignorant can think this is all we are.

So if everything, other than time, was created from this timeless consciousness, how could have anything been created by this timeless consciousness if this timeless consciousness can’t create anything in the first place? 

In timeliness everything has always been, it’s always in the present moment but only as pure conscious. Now I’m going to theorise that this consciousness enters into time and becomes a consciousness of time to be able to become created. This can only happen through a consciousness of time. 

Is time an illusion?  Either way we answer this question denotes that time does surly exists!!    

This reply to this person actually seems that I have separated everything within time and timelessness, time representing a different consciousness to timelessness but that isn’t quite correct for the main reason it’s still all of a consciousness no matter what.

I like the quote that goes like this, “What is above is also below”, what is above is also represented by what’s below. I look at timelessness as being the male or sperm that fertiliser’s time that is represented by the female or egg. Time is the incubator and creator of timelessness’s interaction with time, the female which is the true creator of life.  As the same with the human species, one of course can’t do without the other. This of course gives us a yin and yang no matter what consciousness we are referring too, this seems like separation but it’s not, no matter what the consciousness it is it’s still consciousness.

This won’t make sense to anyone who goes in and out of timelessness, a consciousness that feels like everything is as one with no separation or differences what so ever. In this timeless consciousness we can also feel that there is only one consciousness, this is a normal human reaction bought on by human feelings. This I feel is caused by our brief interaction with this timeless consciousness however once you experience this state of consciousness enough, things become a little more clear mainly because we are no longer influenced by human feelings and perceptions of this timeless consciousness.

To me time has always existed as has timelessness, they are truly partners, they are different consciousness’s but consciousness still the same, it’s through the interactions of these two consciousness’s that creates just like males and females.

Let’s look at this in a different way using energy as an example. It was said to me that energy can’t be created therefore time doesn’t actually exist because time seemingly creates energy. The thing is time doesn’t actually create energy as such; it changes energy through the interaction of the consciousness’s of time and timelessness, through this interaction it seems to create new energy but it’s only a culmination of an already existing energy that creates different energy flows and fluctuations. Timelessness (male, yang) is an already created energy and time is (female, yin), the creator of various energy flows.

Let’s look at what we have so far.

Timelessness = male (yang) consciousness + sperm + non-creative
Time = female (yin) consciousness+ egg + creation

Now if we take into consideration what is above is also below, what sex is more dominating and abusive on Earth? The male of course (the yang) at the human level. What sex or consciousness is being taught to us that is most important to us?  The male (yang), timelessness over and above the female (yin) time which many of us denounce as an illusion, we are still abusing the female or time itself or Gaia if you like.  We are still, while being primarily dominated by the yang, trying to denounce the importance of time which is represented by yin by making out this yin (time) is an illusion. What is above is also below!!

So what is going on here? Time = female (yin) consciousness+ egg + creation but it is also represents a fragmented consciousness where’s timelessness is representative of a non-fragmented consciousness. I must emphasise here, don’t judged a non-fragmented consciousness as being better than a fragmented consciousness. A fragmented consciousness of time means we can create various energy flows from a non-creating consciousness which is represented by timelessness. Can a male incubate and create others in his own image?  You would wonder why God is said to be male wouldn’t you?  I think we all know the answer to that!!

It is so easy, when going in and out of timelessness, to think this timeless state of consciousness is all we are, it feels that way because all we are experiencing is timelessness, a dominance of the yang energy without the balance of the yin energy.  What is happening at the human level? We are allowing the same thing to happen at the human level, the yang energy is all dominating which gives us the perception the yang energy is more important than the yin, the ego loves to think this but that’s not true in my mind, where would the yang be without the creative yin? 

I personally do not put the consciousness of timelessness above the importance of the consciousness of time; I never really have since my awakening in my mid-teens.  It is understandable that we desire the peace and tranquillity off what timelessness gives and it’s understandable to think this is all we are, the ego wants that more than anything but the point is, we shouldn’t keep trying to separate one from the other, the yin form the yang.  This is exactly what we are trying to do when we state and believe that time is an illusion, point blank.

We could also easily think that time represents the opposite of peace and tranquillity but it doesn’t, it’s our abuse of time through our ignorance that causes such chaos. Take the abuse of females from males, would we have chaos if the male wasn’t abusive and neglectful in the first place? 

I’ve had many instances that I could have stayed in the consciousness of timelessness away from this chaos but I never neglected and abused time.  To me the yin (time) is as equal as the yang (timelessness), yes this goes against a lot of beliefs that time is an illusion but the reason I think we want to believe time is an illusion is because of our male dominance, God has got to be a man and the consciousness of timelessness has got to be all we are, I just don’t think so, it just doesn’t add up to what is above is also below!!

I would like to also point out that time is representative of ignorance and timelessness awareness, this doesn’t mean time, the yin, is ignorant, the reason time is so ignorant is because of the abuse and neglect while in time.  This is the neglect of this timeless consciousness in favour of abusing time that gives us our ignorance.  Time itself isn’t ignorant, it’s as aware as this consciousness of timelessness, it’s just the way we use time that makes time seem so ignorant.  Another thing to consider, when in a timelessness state of consciousness, how neglectful and unaware are we of time?  


Saturday, 18 October 2014

An Advanced Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is going to sound awfully delusional to a lot of people; it will also sadly offend people fixated to set ideological principles. Offending people isn’t my aim, as usual, but I must write down what comes to me and if this offends a lot of people, I’m sorry but I can’t truly help that.  I certainly don’t write for self-gratification or for a popularity award, what must be must be.

This kind of healing process I’m about to discuss here is quite different to what I wrote about recently in relation to healing with light, in the process I’m about to discuss, there is no light. What we heal with is all to do with natural states of existence, when we envision (?) a joint being inflamed for example; we see the joint inflamed not of light.  Everything becomes transparent, you can literally see right into the joint.  I should also state, at this point in this life I don’t practice in such healing processes mainly because this kind of process takes a lot of focus. To focus this much one needs to drop any fixation that will hinder such healing processes, I’m not willing to do that in this life at present as I will explain latter on in this post.

Why did I insert a question mark (?) after the word envision?  This is one of the interesting parts of this kind of healing process, you don’t actually visualise in this process as such as you do when healing through visualising light. What you do is see is the part of the body that needs to be healed, as it is at present, and then you focus on this part of the body that is being healed in it’s naturel form, you don’t actually visualise this natural form. What you are basically doing is reminding the body what it’s natural form is, within this the healing process begins.

Another way to explain this is through a healing process that is proven to actually work. My wife practices in what is called an EMMETT technique where you switch the muscles back on after they have been switched off after a trauma of some kind. What this process is doing is reminding the muscle what it was like when it was switched on.  This advanced healing process I’m talking about here works along the same principles however, once this healing process has been perfected, you can literally see within anyone’s body. The body literally become transparent, this isn’t visualised, you can literally see within people’s bodies.

After this healing process has been perfected, you can actually perform surgery without breaking the skin; this seems utterly ridiculous doesn’t it!!  I should state her that surgery is only needed when a foreign body has entered the body, all other healing is accomplished through reminding the body area you are working on what it was like in it’s natural form.  

How can anyone perform surgery without breaking the skin or traumatise the body any further in anyway?  Again this EMMETT technique works in a similar manner, it causes as little trauma as possible within it’s healing process, but we are not talking about actual surgery here are we?  In one sense no but in another sense yes. What has an actual surgeon achieved after a successful surgery?  It reminded the body what it was like before the said physical trauma became apparent or felt by the said person. What has an EMMET practitioner achieved after a successful treatment?  The same exact thing however, this advanced healing process I’m discussing here goes beyond physicality altogether.  

Now this seems totally absurd, how can anyone heal anybody’s body without this kind of action being physical in any sense?  The part of the body you are working on is no longer in a physical form; it takes on a transparent form without being of a physical form.  You can literally insert your hand into this area of the body that is no longer physical without causing any physical trauma, but surly we are only visualising that the part of the body in question isn’t physical?  No, there is no visualisation occurring at all.  Think of the movie Matrix, this is very similar, there is no actual physical form once one learns to focus enough, this is why we can heal and even perform surgery without causing any further trauma to the physical body and more importantly the mind.

So why can’t anyone we know heal like this? Principles, we can only think in time not in timelessness so all our principles are fixated to time. Thinking in timelessness is important with this kind of advanced healing process; you need to go beyond the bounds of time to heal in this way.  All of what is physical is based on time so we think we need to use various principles of time to heal what is of time, physicality, but that isn’t the case at all. We need to go beyond the principles of time to understand and accept any principles beyond time to become proficient at this kind of healing process. This is exactly why I call this an advanced healing process, you need to drop any principles of time that are going to hinder such participation in such advanced practices, this means dropping any hindering  principles of time from science to religion.  

You might say this isn’t easy to do, as soon as you state such a thing it becomes instantly hard. The only reason it’s difficult to drop such principles of time is we are fixated to these principles of time; we really don’t want to let them go. As soon as we say it’s too hard to do, we have confirmed how fixated we are to anything of time.  To break away from this fixation, we need to realise that nothing actually dies or is reborn from death, the demise of anything doesn’t actually exist, it’s an illusion brought about by the principles of time.  Physically we are born and eventually we die, this is fact but only of time, when we die we don’t actually die but transform into another energy source, but the people and things we love eventually become non-existent. No they don’t, actually when we so call die we are more alive than we are in a physical state of existence unless we are, after our demise, still fixated to the principles time in some way.  

Why when we die from pain related trauma we don’t feel pain in the afterlife?  Pain doesn’t exist, pain can only exist in time, it’s created by the principles of time so when you go beyond the principles of time you don’t cause any more trauma.  So is this saying all pain and trauma in this physical life of time is an illusion?  Not exactly, a lot of people make the mistake in my mind of just judging realties of time illusions nothing more, it’s actually not that simple.  What we experience in time we are actually experiencing but only in time, when we take in consideration of the whole of existence, very little of this existence is of time and physicality.  Most of what exists is actually of timelessness; time isn’t a normal occurrence or is even a normal state of existence for us, this however in my mind doesn’t make anything of time an illusion. The illusion is everything of time isn’t all we are or who we truly are but it is a part of who we are otherwise we couldn’t experience anything of time itself, in other words we can’t experience anything that isn’t a part of us in some way.  

So is pain and trauma a part of us? Again we couldn’t experience anything of time unless it was a part of us but it’s a very tiny part of us however in time we have made it all we are, this is the illusion.

So let’s get back to why I’m not focused enough to heal in this advanced way I speak of, first let us ask another question, why aren’t any of us this focused to heal to this extent?  For exactly the same reason, we are fixated to one or more principles of time which hinder us becoming this focused.  Because time is a very tiny part of our whole existence, none of us obviously want to let go of these principles of time even though we perceive we are in trauma. It would need a huge amount of trauma to let go of such fixation of time and even then it’s probably doubtful we would let go completely.  We are experiencing time and everything of time has to offer, we just don’t want to let go of this otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Everyone who is here, existing in time, wanted to be here, we wouldn’t and couldn’t be here otherwise.

The funny thing is, we have created everything that is of time through our principles and perceptions of time; we can always change what is occurring in time by changing our principles which in turn changes our perceptions.  We don’t have to be destructive; actually we can be quite healing if we wanted too. This would mean giving up certain principles of time that interfere with such healing processes, are we willing to do that? It would seem not at this point, trust me, we all realise, at the inner level,  how exceptional it is to experience time itself in any form, we just don’t want to end this experience but we don’t have too.  We allow the ego to influence us to make such decisions, to continue existing in time; all we have to do is become healers instead of destroyers and still keep the ego at the same time. The ego can be very constructive, it’s just we haven’t learnt to use it in this way as yet but we can if we drop some of our fixations of time.  

As for me, I’m becoming more aware of myself that isn’t of time and influenced by the ego, the process of letting go of my fixation of time for me has certainly begun; this post is a good indication of that.             

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Spirituality-The Now within the Present

Written by Mathew Naismith

To me it doesn’t matter if we confuse the present to the now even though there is a difference, you can’t have the now in time without a present moment.  What most of us are doing is focussing on the future and even the past, disregarding the present moment altogether when it’s the present moment that defines our past and future.  When we say the present moment defines our future, this isn’t saying the future is predestined by the present, the present moment will influence the future but it won’t make it predestined. Yes we all individually and collectively have a path to follow but it’s not predestined, we don’t have to destroy or harm ourselves for starters, certainly not any more.

The present doesn’t actually bring on timelessness as I described in an illustration in my last post however, you can’t have the now, which is of true timelessness, without the present in time, this is why I illustrated this as below in my last post.

The present = timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

It’s actually more like this: The now = timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

The present moment leads to timeliness and this God’s consciousness but the present is also representative of the past and the future within time, the present is actually quite more important to us than the past or future or even the now in two ways.

The present moment = now + timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

But the present moment also = time +past + future

Focusing on the now, over and above the present moment, takes us to God’s consciousness but we are missing something here, were does time fit in here?  It doesn’t, even though we are still in time!! We must also remember time is also of this God’s consciousness; this is why when we are in timeliness we have a feeling to again be in time and visa-versa.  It’s all of this God’s consciousness, it’s just one is of time and the other timelessness, one is of ignorance the other awareness. Without the ego does it matter if we live in ignorance? No, so what part of us doesn’t want to live in ignorance? The ego of course!!  

Pure consciousness is in relation to God’s consciousness, an un-fragmented consciousness of timelessness and awareness, and fragmented consciousness relates to realities of time and ignorance.  

Pure consciousness = timelessness + oneness + non-duality + awareness

Fragmented consciousness = time + individuality + duality + ignorance

It matters not if it’s fragmented or un-fragmented consciousness, it’s still God’s consciousness however, fragmented consciousness can become quite destructive mainly because of it’s ignorance for only in ignorance can we be destructive. This sort of doesn’t make sense, we are more aware as a collective than ever but we are more destructive as ever.

It all comes down to how we are becoming aware, some people become aware through ego tendencies, this is obviously quite destructive,  other people become aware through the now disregarding the present moment in time.  How could disregarding the present moment be destructive?  If you think on this, we are ignoring the present for the now and what does ignoring the present represent? Ignorance and what is the only way we can be destructive?  Through ignorance of course and this ignorance is quite destructive to anything of time.

Actually the present moment represents time and timelessness simultaneously; this isn’t the case if we only focus on the past and future as many of us are doing and it’s not the case if we only focus on the now.  This is why I illustrated in my last post as below.

The present = timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

Past and future = time + man’s consciousness

If I illustrated that the present moment is representative of both time and timelessness, I would have confused a lot of people in that particular post.  If we were more collectively aware the below illustrations would be more correct.

Present moment = timelessness + now + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness) + oneness + non-duality + awareness

Present moment = time +past and future + man’s consciousness +individuality + duality + ignorance + ego

What the present moment does, if we are aware, is collates both time and timelessness into a cohesive collective instead of a fragmented collective or a collective without time.  In this we can use the awareness of timelessness to pacify the destructive tendencies of time and it’s ignorance. It’s all God’s consciousness, we should not ignore one over and above the other for only in ignorance can we destroy.  

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Spirituality and the Present Moment

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think the following discussion is worth sharing, this is a brilliant bloke who has got me to become a little more aware than I was even of myself.  This is only part of the discussion about God’s consciousness, time and timelessness, fate and various other topics that we are discussing at present.   I hope you enjoy this bloke as much as I do.

My Reply
G’day Subhendu

You might disagree but I think the following is what you and I are doing, please feel free to reply.

Subhendu Reply
The video that you have referred to –
 is very good. Everything he said is correct. I called it the simultaneity law in the first chapter on Truth.

However, there is one catch. He does not believe in destiny. We are all guided by a global destiny, described in the destiny chapter of my book. We do not have freewill.

Destiny comes automatically that he did not realize. When we are simultaneously, globally connected, we automatically lose our freedom. I cannot move, if I do then I will affect everybody else, because we are connected. There is a figure in chapter-1 describing this connection. German philosopher Nietzsche said the same thing. We are completely helpless. This is like our solar system. The earth cannot go anywhere, because it is globally connected with sun and other planets and the galaxy. The same is true for all of us.

There are trillions of stars in the sky, but not a single one can move. They all have souls. Same is true for all the seven billion people on earth. Sometimes this makes me think that there must be one god who controls all of us, who created this global plan. But that cannot be correct; there is no proof of such a concept.

My Reply
I look at past human history as being a must for us to evolve, if our history was different to what it was, we wouldn't evolve as we are, history is predestined but the future isn't until it becomes the past.  This might not make sense, how can the future not be predetermined within it’s fate but the past is?

It’s all to do with the present moment, no other moment but the present determines our destiny making the past predetermined by the present. You would think the past effects our future predetermining our future but it doesn’t; it’s how we react to the past at present that effects our future.  You would think the present moment would predetermine the future making everything predetermined but it doesn’t because it becomes the past in a flash thus no longer predetermining our future.

The present = timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

Past and future = time + man’s consciousness

The question is now, isn’t everything predetermined in timeliness, if this timelessness is always in the present, isn’t everything including the future predetermined by this timelessness? 

In time this present moment of timelessness is fleeting, it’s over in a flash but in timelessness it’s always in the present , it’s never of the past or the future therefore in timeliness nothing is predetermined because there is no past or future.  This doesn’t seem to follow the laws of nature but it does.

Let’s look at the sun, it has a predetermined outcome like we all do, it’s fate has always been predetermined but what are we looking at here when we are looking at the sun, are we seeing it as just as a sun and not just an energy form ? When does the sun cease being an energy form of some kind?  It doesn’t but as an actual sun it does but only in time, the sun was never what we perceived it was in timelessness, it’s just pure conscious energy in timelessness, it has no destiny because it has no form until this energy become a part of time.  

It’s how we look at everything that determines what we perceive.  The sun is just a sun to us, we only see it as a sun and not just an energy form so in this case the sun has a predetermined fate, this is in time. Now look at this in a different way, see the sun as just pure energy nothing else, it has no past and no future because you can’t destroy energy, you can change it but it’s still energy no matter what we change it too.  This is timelessness; this is reprograming our mentality to perceive differently to what we are conditions to think which is just in time.  Once we start changing our mentality to accept timeliness, we will realise nothing is really predetermined. In time it’s predetermined but not in timelessness, God’s consciousness.

Much Blessings,


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Timelessness is-It Just Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are very well conditioned to thinking and perceiving in time and it’s nearly impossible to think in any other way for us, this I believe is mainly due to centuries of this conditioning to time. To a lot of people there can’t possibly be any other way to perceive and think, thinking and perceiving in time is all there is.  With this perception we believe there has to be a start and end point to everything, everything, including pure consciousness (God), has to have been created by something else. This is where just perceiving in time fails us I believe.

This intelligent pure consciousness, that some of us call God, I predict isn’t influenced or hindered by such perceptions mainly because this consciousness isn’t of time.

 Below I’ve added a link and my reply to a person concerning this matter of thinking and perceiving only in time on a spiritually orientated site hoping this will explain things a little better for you.

Karnati Kiran….Who is creating the energy?

G'day Karnati.......It's not a who or what, it just is, it's very hard for humans to accept it just is without questioning however the who I would define as the intelligent consciousness some of us call God.

The thing is, why does everything have to have a start & end point of origin, why couldn't it have always been?

We live in time so we perceive by this time, what if this intelligent consciousness isn't influenced by time? Nothing has a start or end point of origin, it has always existed but only as pure consciousness.

Time to me is a fragmentation of this pure consciousness & once you fragment consciousness you have a start & end point of creation. Timelessness to me is of pure non-fragmented consciousness with no start or end point of origin.

It's very difficult to think & perceive in timelessness especially if one is conditioned to just thinking & perceiving in time. 

It feels utterly strange to me that we are only conditioned and trained to think and perceive in time as we know it, how many other people are feeling this I wonder!! 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Living in the Quietness of Timelessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is sort of going on from my last post titled Inspiring Confirmative Video as this lovely published video depicted quite a contrasting existence between being in time to being in timelessness. Allowing time to influence us without the awareness of timelessness has indeed given us the illusion that this is all we are however I don’t believe time itself is an illusion for the main reason nothing can be created in timelessness. There is no starting or ending point of creation so we wouldn’t be able to even experience illusions as illusions also need to be created.

So what are we talking about here in relation to illusions, what are illusions of time? Visualise consciousness within it’s totality, a rock for instance, now for example visualise human beings being a grain of sand within this colossal consciousness (rock). Every grain of sand within this consciousness (rock) is a minute part of consciousness within time because time fragments consciousness by breaking up the rock into individual pieces so each grain of rock/sand is able to experience it’s own consciousness. Time gives us the illusion that the rock is fragmented into individual parts but in timelessness it’s still a rock within it’s totality.

Spiritual awareness gives a more collective view of ourselves, we are now a larger part of consciousness/of the rock than we were before becoming spiritually aware & the more aware we become the bigger the grain of sand or portion of the rock/consciousness we become. It’s important here not to think of consciousness as being physical in form in anyway; we are after all just a vibrative mass. We are made up of a collective mass of vibrational frequencies that is all!! If we can perceive ourselves not being just this crude matter but an intertwined mass of vibrational frequencies understanding what is being portrayed here will be a lot easier.

As explained in older posts of mine, different vibrative frequencies are able to influence other vibrational frequencies like with cancer for instance. Cancer influences our own vibrative frequencies causing a disruption to our own frequencies. Each cancer has it’s own vibrative signature which of course is going to affect a different part of our body because each portion of our body is vibrating at a different frequency which gives it it’s form. This is a very good reason why we have always looked at vibrations to help us heal like with praying, chanting, herbs, meditating & even using musical instruments & now modern science is looking at vibrational frequencies in the healing process. In physical form we are always influenced by other vibrative frequencies around us no matter what, consciousness itself is no different when fragmented within time. By becoming spiritually aware we are forming together & influencing a greater mass of vibrative frequencies, we are becoming less individualised by fusing parts of the rock/consciousness back together again.

This is normally achieved through realising we are immortal first of all which means we are not just of time & of this fragmented rock/consciousness but of something immortal & of timelessness but most of all we are the collective consciousness itself within it’s totality.  Within this collective consciousness lies serine quietness mainly because there are no conflicting vibrational frequencies influencing each other to be something different to what they are for the main reason the rock is whole again within it’s totality even though the rock is built upon with different frequencies like our human body. The rock itself has no other rock/consciousness to influence or be influenced by thus pure serine quietness befalls upon the rock/the consciousness of man. This is pure unadulterated oneness brought on by living in the quietness of timelessness.   

Friday, 31 January 2014

Perceiving & Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

What we perceive we generally believe, all ideologies, including religious & science orientated ideologies, are a perception of one kind or another that usually block us from being aware of other perceived ideologies, the question is which one is right over all else? In timelessness there is no right or wrong but in time there is because in time everything seems fragmented & disconnected, time gives us fragmentation of consciousness, this also includes the way we all perceive.

Religion has tried to get us all perceiving in the same way which is less fragmented but by doing so has taken free thinking away, in other words we no longer think for ourselves to one extent or another, the ideology is thinking for us. We could ask here is free thinking fragmented consciousness & is religion of defragging of this consciousness to better connect us to consciousness itself (God)? Well it should be but we have so many religions perceiving in their own way which denotes fragmentation plus the controlling factors of the ego seem to always distort any real reconnection. Science & most other ideologies work in the same way, once we start defragging the fragmentation of consciousness we tend to end up with a controlling ego. When we incorporate the controlling factors of the ego we are once again end up with a consciousness that is fragmented.

Free thinking also seems fragmented but is it? If we all think differently we must all perceive differently thus it would seem we have a more fragmented consciousness than under an ideology of some kind. If we took the controlling factors out of the ego in regards to ideologies & had the same exact ideological thinking process yes collectively it would seem we would have a consciousness that would be far less fragmented however because we have different ideological thinking processes, thinking for themselves, we will always live within a fragmented consciousness. Free thinking, either it be individually or as a group, seems to lead to the fragmentation of consciousness before the controlling factors of the ego come into it.  This statement isn’t exactly true because ideologies are controlling, they think for us instead of thinking for ourselves, this denotes a controlling ego so the controlling factors of the ego are already at play before we try to defrag consciousness. There doesn’t seem to be an answer to proficiently defragment consciousness & bring consciousness back into it’s connected state because of the controlling factors of the ego or is there?  

The controlling factors of the ego seem to only exist in time, once we take the controlling ego out of the equation it would seem it would be very possible to reconnect consciousness back into it’s natural state of connectedness (oneness). I should enumerate here that we are not talking about the ego self but the controlling factor of the ego, there is a huge difference. Time is going to always produce fragmentation like the seemingly fragmentations of all our lives lived; I don’t look at it as many lives lived but one life lived under different perceived existences. This is done by thinking out of time (timelessness) to an extent which gives me very little fragmentations of my whole existence, the only fragmentation there is, is in the perception of different lives lived which can’t be avoided while remotely thinking & being in time.  Yes one can totally be with timelessness & be totally connected with consciousness itself but one would no longer be in time. One should ask oneself here, is it more egotistical to desire to exist in a connected consciousness of timelessness than continue living in a fragmented consciousness of time? What would a controlling ego choose?

The controlling factors of the ego is telling me that I have lived many lives but my ego self is telling me I lived one whole life seemingly separated by various perceived existences. The controlling ego is only of time but the ego self doesn’t have to be of time, it can’t totally exist in timelessness but it can be within the balance of time & timelessness & this is where all the beauty & oneness that we experience come from I believe. The pure essence of experiencing timelessness can be sequential to experiencing quietness within oneself as long as we can quell the controlling factors of the ego.  

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Spirituality-Uneasiness Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

A lot of spiritually aware & connected people are feeling an uneasiness, is it due to the way this reality is going or is it to do with our transition from one form of existing to another or is it both? I will endeavour to answer this question, let’s first however look at this reality, is there something wrong with it? Well no there can’t be because there is no true right or wrong when looking from timelessness into time, what is is the creation of time of what time has created, that’s all, however while living within time there is a wrong & right & that is what we judge by, time created judgement to judge anything of time by.  So there isn’t anything wrong or right about this reality unless we judge accordingly!!

Now let’s look at our transition from one form of existing to another, is this what’s causing us this uneasiness at times? This again comes back to time because there is no judgement within timelessness because time created judgment, not timelessness, so this transition from one form of existence to another can’t be blamed or judged to giving us this uneasiness we sometimes feel so it comes down to both.  Again it comes down to judging it as both which again is only of time. In timelessness there is no judgement so in fact nothing is really making us feel uneasy so what are we feeling? We are feeling the attachments to time even when we think we are of timelessness, these feelings are telling us we still have attachments to time. Having attachments to time isn’t judged either as being lowly or unbecoming in some way, it’s just of times creation remembering I believe time itself has always existed as explained in previous posts.

So the conclusion/theory is the reason we feel an uneasiness at times is because of all the above which is all of times creation, time has created our uneasiness for without time there would be nothing to feel uneasy about. How about if we just let go of our attachments to time, would this stop this feeling of uneasiness at times? It is obvious it would but do most of us really want or desire to do that?

Once we bring in desire or a wanting what does that pertain too? The ego of course so to desire to be of timelessness is of the ego, a wanting to be more aware is of the ego so no matter what we do in time it is of the ego. It is actually more egotistical to desire to be of timelessness than it is to be in a chaotic existence. If we looked at this in a human way what existence would you choose, one that is beneficial to us or one that isn’t beneficial to us. The ego will always choose what is going to be more beneficial which includes a desire to be of timelessness.  

This brings us back to the question, do most of us want to become detached from the attachments of time & the answer is no because it would seem most people are not truly egotistically driven even though they can be egotistical in time. Is this wanting to be of time driven by the ego because once we are truly of timelessness the ego no longer exists, the ego fears becoming null & void? We really should be asking is it more egotistical to be at one with all & all powerful than to be individually egotistical? The ego only looks at being more than what it is, it sees itself in timelessness as the be & end all even though it doesn’t exist, the ego still exists in the ego mind even once in timelessness because it’s the one. Yes in timelessness the ego doesn’t exist but the ego still thinks it does mainly because the ego can only reason to the extent of time. The ego is very restricted by it’s fixations to time however if one was of timelessness there is no such fixations.  The paradox is one can’t be one without time, when in timelessness there is no one but a oneness with all so one can’t be one within timelessness!! As soon as we see ourselves or become aware of being one or as individuals we are of the ego & as soon as we do this we are of the creation of time. Desiring to be at one with all is of the ego & the more we desire to escape from time the more egotistical we are; it’s one of the many traps of the ego I believe.   

Acceptance of what is which includes the acceptance of being non-accepting at times as well will alleviate a lot of this uneasiness remembering everything is of consciousness not just what we desire to be. This won’t alleviate all our uneasiness however, what is happening is a lot of us are picking up on what this reality is going to be like one day I believe not necessarily what it should be like. Many people are saying it should be like this that or the other, the emotions of time depicts what it’s going to be like so the more we think this reality should be like this that or the other the more we are creating an opposition which of course denotes conflicts.  This reality isn’t supposed to be a certain way but anyway the emotions of time make it. The awareness of our own immortality/timelessness will allow a creation of time to be created without conflict, our ignorance of timelessness has created within time what we have today which of course helps creates some of our uneasiness.

My best advice is just let it flow through you & try not to imagine or expect this reality or yourself to be a certain way, just go with the flow of things without opposition. In my last post I said the cover box of the jigsaw puzzle (bigger picture) is what the bigger picture should look like when not fragmented however one shouldn’t perceive what this bigger picture is until one can see it within it’s entirety otherwise it will stay fragmented. So is this saying we shouldn’t imagine fairies flying around us for example? We can imagine what we like within our own dimension because it is another dimension, what happens is we initiate dimensional link ups to other dimensions without interfering with this reality. While doing this we shouldn’t expect at any time this reality being one thing or another for the reason how many of us perceives a different reality to others? This is one reason this reality is fragmented I believe, we all have our own idea of what this reality should be like & this is where thinking in timelessness comes into it. There are no expectations or judgement within timelessness, what will be will be; it’s all accepted even when we are unaccepting.